About living that Christian life

If Christianity had to be summed up in one simple phrase, that phrase would be: “Following Jesus.” When Jesus called His disciples, He often used the words, “Follow Me.” Today, the call is still the same. The Christian is called to follow Jesus. What does that look like? How is that done? What does the Christian life mean?

A Christian is someone who has been reconnected to God the Father through a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. The relationship with God is broken when we sin. But, the Christ follower has responded in faith to Jesus in such a way that the believer realizes that Jesus died on the cross to pay the penalty of his sin. And, in faith, a person receives the grace of Jesus so that the sin is forgiven and the relationship with God is restored.

Once that event has occurred in someone’s life and he or she has become a Christian, the personal relationship with Jesus is an ongoing and growing relationship. As with any relationship, the relationship with Jesus will continue to grow stronger by spending time with Him and talking to Him. Christ followers spend time with Jesus by reading His Word, the Bible, and letting its truth and peace sink into their hearts and change their lives. They communicate with Jesus through prayer, which is talking to God. This relationship continues to grow through worship and fellowship with other believers in their local community. Worship is simply ascribing to God the worth He is due by recognizing and acknowledging who He is.

Along with the growing of a personal relationship with Jesus, the Christian also will plug into the life and ministry of a local body called a church. The church is not a building instead, the living church is the followers of Christ joined together for the purpose of doing what God wants them to do together. Through encouraging each other, praying for each other, supporting each other and ministering to each other. The members of a church will grow in Christ together. God never intended for his children to have to walk through life alone. God wanted followers of Jesus to walk with other to help each other along the way. This group of Christians walking together is the church.

Finally, followers of Jesus are also instructed by Jesus to be telling others who have not yet come to have a personal relationship with Him. This relationship with Jesus is so important and life-changing that they want others to experience their joy and freedom in Christ, too.

Christians are followers of Jesus. As followers of Jesus Christ, they seek to grow in their personal relationship with Jesus, connect with other through the church, and share with others what Jesus can do for them, too.

How local or online prayer groups can help you pray

Prayer is, without a doubt, one of the most important and vital things you can do as a follower of Christ. It is your own personal way of entering into the presence of the God who loves you and cares for you. It allows you to praise God for all He has done, ask Him for whatever burdens you, and simply pour out heart to your Creator.

The Prayer of Jabez book by Bruce Wilkinson

Unfortunately, many people find daily prayer difficult to fit in. They desire deeply to pray to God, but they just cannot find time. One possible solution to this dilemma, however, is to join local or online prayer groups.
What is a prayer group? It is nothing other than a group of believers who are devoted to praying to God and for one another. Staying connected to people who commit themselves regularly to effective prayer will help you to stay in the habit of prayer yourself. Of course, Jesus calls us to develop our own hunger for persistent prayer.



He clearly commands us to pray with sincerity and not with ulterior motives, as he says in Matthew 6:7, “And when you pray, do not heap up empty phrases as the Gentiles do, for they think that they will be heard for their many words.” But He also knows that with all the hectic happenings of life, we can grow weary all too quickly. That is why he gives us each other- for yet another vital component of Christian life called fellowship.

Humans are not meant to be alone, nor are they meant to go through the Christian life alone. There is a certain aspect of meeting with others that you simply cannot get from keeping your prayer life hidden and locked away.

Christian prayer groups are fun, easy, and genuine ways to fulfill Christ’s commandments to fellowship and to worship. Keep in mind that your personal prayer life does not always have to be a private activity, either. There are definitely times when silent, simple prayer is important and necessary, but there are also times when collective prayer can help to restore the faith of everyone involved. The kind of support that is built through prayer gatherings cannot be replicated. Even if daily prayer seems nearly impossible for you, you can still grow closer to God by relating to those who do pray every day and are strong in their faith. The benefits of joining a prayer group are not just limited to you, however. These groups help to build healthy, connected communities full of people who are willing to serve and share the love of God with those around them.

Never underestimate the power of believers; for where two or more are gathered in His name, there He is also.